Message from Managing Trustee

Shri Matru Mandir College is reckoned across Saurashtra region for providing progressive and quality education in the areas of Social Work, Science, Commerce, Computer Science & Medicine Studies. Shri Matru Mandir College managed by “Matushree D. R. Gadhiya Education Trust” has been promoting excellence continuously through its educational endeavors in the selective fields of learning and development of its students since 2007.

The management firmly believes that optimum utilization of the cutting-edge infrastructure and vast pool of human resource plays major role in shaping up of the competency and technical know-how of the student as in this era of globalization where survival of the fittest is inevitable, the trust is committed to empower its students not only with the theoretical concepts, but also with the sound technical knowledge that shall increase their reach and scope in the competitive era of 21st century. We are proud to inform that our institute shall achieve prominent status and become one among those renowned institutions that provides quality education, cutting-edge infrastructure and skilled graduates.

Preparing young generation to face effectively the challenges of tomorrow is our motto. I firmly believe that by joining our institute, all young aspirants of ‘Quality Education’ will be able to witness and experience the difference in the ‘Learning and Development’. It will certainly help them to become successful individuals of 21st century.

“Shri Matru Mandir College” is looking forward to welcome you as its new member and hope you shall become the guiding force that our country deserves at present.

Shri Vijaybhai Gadhiya
Managing Trustee

Message from Principal

We give importance of maintaining an ambience that motivates learning and research. The core of our method consists of continuous interaction, quality exposure to real life issues and challenges, intensive team work all with the aid of modern technology and experienced faculty.

Our vision to build up a center par excellence, equipped to mound outstanding young professionals in relevant field, integrating the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their carrier.

Shri R K Patel
I/C Principal

Message from Administration

Dear Parents/Students,

We all know that preparing the new generation for knowledge -society is crucial for any educational institution. We must give our students the skills with which they find a way through the sea of knowledge that we have created and continue with lifelong learning. To fulfill this mission, we are determined and committed in creating the capacities required among the students, the capacity for creativity and innovation, the capacity to use high technology, the capacity for entrepreneurial leadership and the capacity for moral education.

The value based quality education that you will get here will stay with you as an asset that would guard your education and character. We all know that mere learning and gathering of information is not enough to succeed in life, it is the humility in one‟s achievements, that makes one a great person.

Our institute mainly provide on teaching method of "How to learn?”